Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Split MsExcel worksheet? How to view multiple excel file in same window?

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How to work multiple excel file in same window? How to split Excel sheet?

To open multiple window for current document

Click view and click"New window" thrice if you want to open 3 window for same file.

If you Click Arrage all , "Arrage windows" will open ,

we can choose the option we want. I have selected “Vertical”

If you want to work different location in a same sheet.

How can we split Microsoft Excel window?

We can split the window Vertical and Horizontal

Split the window Horizontal

Double click Right top corner to split Horizontal

Current window will split in to two. Double click on top of the line to come b

ack to normal view

Split the window Vertical

Double click Right Bottom corner to split Vertical.

Even you can select View-split

If you click "split" window will split, if you click again split will remove from window. It will work like ON OFF switch.

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