Saturday, March 1, 2014

How can we find the position of letter in Excel ?


What Does It Do?

This function looks for a specified letter inside another piece of text.
When the letter is found the position is shown as a number.
If the text contains more than one reference to the letter, the first occurrence is used.
An additional option can be used to start the search at a specific point in the text, thus
enabling the search to find duplicate occurrences of the letter.
If the letter is not found in the text, the result #VALUE is shown.



LetterToLookFor : This needs to be a single character.
TextToLookInside : This is the piece of text to be searched through.
StartPosition : This is optional, it specifies at which point in the text the search should begin.


No special formatting is needed, the result will be shown as a number.

Friday, February 28, 2014

How to use ISBLANK function in MS EXCEL?


What Does It Do?
This function will determine if there is an entry in a particular cell.
It can be used when a  spreadsheet has blank cells which may cause errors, but which will be filled later as the data is received by the user.

Usually the function is used in conjunction with the =IF() function which can test the result of the = ISBLANK()


Used by itself the result will be shown as TRUE or FALSE.

The following example shows a list of cheques received by a company.
When the cheque is cleared the date is entered.
Until the Cleared date is entered the Cleared column is blank.
While the Cleared column is blank the cheque will still be Outstanding.
When the Cleared date is entered the cheque will be shown as Banked.
The =ISBLANK() function is used to determine whether the Cleared column is empty or not.

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