Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to sort colored cells from left to right in ms excel ?

Excel provides support for sorting a range based on the cells colors. If you want to sort based on cell color (by either the background fill color or the font color),

Don’t worry about if picture is not visible, hope you can able to make out cell colored. Color given location wise.

We going to learn how to sort colored cells from left to right in Ms excel.

First select the Table.
Click the " Sort" under Data. or press Alt+A+S to open "sort" window

In sort window click
"Options..." to choose sort " sort top to bottom" or "sort left to right".

click ok

Then Choose following in sort window.

Sort by = Table Header Row number
Sort on = Cell color (Even you can choose "Cell font" color if u want to sort by cell font color)
Order = Choose which ever color you want first in left.

Add level 's
to order the color.
after added 4 level Click ok.

you can make out below table got changed.

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