Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Check if a cell contains text - Excel


What Does It Do ?

This function examines an entry to determine whether it is text or not.
If the value is text, then the text is the result of the function
If the value is not text, the result is a blank.
The function is not specifically needed by Excel, but is included for compatibility with
other spreadsheet programs.

How to get TRUE/FALSE result ?


What Does It Do ?

This functions tests an entry to determine whether it is text.
If the entry is text is shows TRUE.
If the entry is any other type it shows FALSE.

The following table was used by a personnel department to lookup the salary of an employee.
The employee can be entered as a Name or as a Numeric value.
The =ISTEXT() function has been used to identify the type of entry made, and then
the =IF() decides which VLOOKUP to perform.

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